Inductive Voltage Transformer, PT, SSVT, Oil or SF6 Gas Insulated, 36kV~550kV

Inductive Voltage Transformer, PT, SSVT, Oil or SF6 Gas Insulated, 36kV~550kV

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Inductive Voltage Transformer, PT, SSVT,  Oil or SF6 Gas Insulated, 36kV~550kV

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IVT catalog, oil type, JDX 72.5~245KV  pdf. 
IVT Catalog, Oil type, JDCF 72.5~245kV pdf. 
IVT Catalog, SF6 type, JDQXF 72.5~550kV pdf.
SSVT catalog, Oil filled, 72.5~245kV pdf. 
SSVT cataog, SF6 Insulated, 72.5~550kV pdf. 

Inductive Voltage Transformer, VT, PT
36kV…550kV  JDX-, JDCF- series, Oil immersed
36kV…550kV  JDQXF-series, SF6 Gas insulated

Station Service Voltage Transformer, SSVT
Auxiliary Services Voltage Transformers 
Power Voltage Transformer
36kV…550kV  SSVT-series, Oil immersed

36kV…550kV  SSVT-series, SF6 Gas insulated

500kV, 420kV, 362kV, 300kV, 245kV 170kV 145kV 123kV 72.5kV 52kV, 36kV High voltage Voltage transformer, potential transformer,high voltage inductive voltage transformer, station service voltage transformer   PT,  VT,  IVT, SSVT

JDX-, JDCF- series voltage transformer, outdoor, oil-immersed inductive type, single phase, hermetically sealed, earthed, cascade-type voltage transformer with high accuracy and protective class secondary windings. Used for metering and relay protection, applying to highland area.

The voltage transformer consists of internal insulation parts, a porcelain insulator, oil, base, metallic bellows. The high-voltage windings are separated into two (or four) parts that are located on two poles of the core. The secondary windings are located in the lower pole of the down core. Three secondary windings are: metering, protective and residual windings. The core is designed to have low flux density. There is an oil drain plug in the base. A set of oil draining device is supplied for three transformers.

Main Technical Parameter
· Highest voltage for equipment: 36--550 kV
· Power frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
· Rated secondary voltage:110/√3V, 115/√3V, 120V
· Rated secondary voltage for the earthing core: 100/3 V, 110/3 V or 100 V, 110V
· Output of the metering class:5~400VA/CL0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.6
· Output of the protection class:5~400VA/CL3P, 6P
· Residual windings output:3P, 6P output: 400 VA
· Ambient temperature: -50℃ to +50℃
· Creepage distance: 25mm or 31mm/Kv
· Partial discharge level: <10 pC

Rated Insulated Level


Highest system


kV (r.m.s)

Power frequency

withstand voltage

kV (r.m.s)

lighting impulse

test voltage

kV (peak)





JDX -123




JDX -145




JDX -170




JDX -245




500kV 400kV 330kV 275kV 230kV 220kV 161kV 150kV 138kV 132kV 115kV 110kV 69kV 66kV 63kV 52kV 33kV High voltage oil immersed voltage transformer, potential voltage,high voltage inductive voltage transformer PT,  VT,  IVT, SSVT.

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